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Leach Gold from ore's by using electro-chlorine. Leaches gold from ore at comparable cost to cyanide but it is no more toxic than a common household swimming pool     More Info













Knelson Gravitational Centrifuge Concentrators

Rare Metals Corporation utilizes a 3" and 7.5" Knelson Concentrators to perform gravity tests on a wide array of ores. Our three(3") inch lab model is put to use about each and every day. I you are thinking about utilizing a Knelson bowl for recovery of gold we would be glad to assist you by running any tests you desire in our bowl. Letting us do testing can be very helpful especially, if your in the market for a used bowl (concentrator). We don't sell the Knelson equipment so you wont feel pressured to buy. We do however manufacture and sell dry recovery systems that use no water. Both the wet and dry technologies have their benefits and drawbacks in regards to use for different and unique ores. If you have plenty of water for processing, then wet is probably best suited for your needs. And likewise if water is a issue, then dry is the way to go. If you have ay question just send us an email to        

Rare Metals Corp. KC-3.0 w/G5 Bowl (100 LB. Per Hour)


Knelson Concentrator

In the Knelson Concentrator, particles are subjected to a force of 60 gravity's to enable recovery of even micron-sized particles previously thought to be unrecoverable with gravity separators. It is this enhanced gravitational force, together with patented fluidization process, which enables the Knelson Concentrator to achieve such exceptional results.

Here's how it works:                                                                          Rare Metals Corp. KC-7.5 w/G5 Bowl (2200 LB. Per Hour)

1.Water is introduced into the rotating concentrating cone through a series of fluidization holes.

2.Feed slurry is then introduced through the stationary feed tube.

3.When the slurry reaches the bottom of the cone it is forced outward and up the cone wall by centrifugal force.

4.The slurry fills each ring to capacity to create a concentrating bed.

5.Compaction of the concentrating bed is prevented by a patented fluidization process. As water is injected into the rings, the flow is controlled to achieve optimum fluidization. High specific gravity particles are then retained in the concentrating cone.

6.When the concentrating cycle is completed*, concentrates are flushed from the cone into the concentrate launder through our patented multi-port hub. This procedure can be completed in about 1-2 minutes in a secure environment.

(*) Concentrating cycle can vary depending on your operation. Typically a Alluvial concentration cycle time is 8 - 24 hours and a hard rock concentration cycle time is 1 - 6 hours.

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Recover Gold Dry Using RMC's Dry Air Concentrators. Process 2-150 Tons per hour. Self Cleaning Adjustable Speed Concentrator.       More Info